What is Cognascents?

Cognascents helps people and organizations achieve competitive sustainability through aggressively-priced process engineering services, process safety services, risk management plan services, asset integrity solutions, and technical training solutions that leverage our rare combination of technical problem-solving skills and integrity.


Process Engineering Services

Process engineering is the branch and discipline of engineering focused on designing, operating, controlling, and improving chemical processes.
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Process Safety Services

Process safety includes the culture, programs, and engineering activities focused on managing hazardous chemicals to prevent accidental releases and subsequent damaging consequences.

Risk Management Plan Services

Many of a facility’s environmental activities require deep process engineering expertise. We offer full Risk Management Plan (RMP) development.

Asset Integrity Solutions

Asset integrity depends on the reliability of people, processes, and facility assets which allows for safe and profitable operations.

Training Solutions

We at Cognascents do not like keeping secrets; therefore, we offer training on our core business and technical service offerings.

Cognascents: Who We Are

Cognascents aspires to serve the upstream, midstream, downstream, and chemical markets by being a provider of process engineering, process safety, environmental, asset integrity, and technical business solutions.

Cognascents pledges unwavering loyalty to its employees, clients, and community; and strives for greatest familial, patriotic, societal, and environmental relevance.
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Why We Are Different



We adhere to moral and ethical principles, which define our character, underscore our commitment to honor, and guide our actions. We conduct ourselves and our business honestly and respectfully, and do our best to serve our clients and community through expert engineering, process safety, environmental and technical business solutions.



We are an established organization of process engineers with multi-disciplined experience across the energy and chemical spectrums, guided by a supportive, reputable leadership team with deep expertise. We offer insight, share perspective and engage in ongoing dialogue to advance our industry and give back to our community.



We pledge unwavering support and reliability not only to our clients and coworkers, but also to our families and communities. Beyond simply meeting expectations, we perpetually seek ways to exceed them. We strive to perform faithfully, dutifully, responsibly and consistently—without hesitation.

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You’re not going to hit a ridiculously long phone menu when you call us.  Your email isn’t going to the inbox abyss. At Cognascents, we provide the exceptional service we’d want to experience ourselves!