Join the Cognascents Team

To serve the best and brightest, we want to work with the best and brightest. We are always looking for seasoned, proven, and effective leaders to join our network of Cognascents Process Engineering, Process Safety, Asset Integrity, and Environmental Professionals.

What We Do:

Cognascents aspires to serve the upstream, midstream, downstream, and chemical markets by being a provider of process engineering, process safety, asset integrity, environmental, and technical business solutions.

Cognascents exists to serve entities pursuing integrity, stability, and transcendence. The owners and employees of Cognascents believe that authentic awareness and steadfast determination are cardinal to these pursuits.

Cognascents pledges unwavering loyalty to its employees, clients, and community; and strives for greatest familial, patriotic, societal, and environmental relevance.

Why We Do It:

All of us at Cognascents take great pride in our work.  Our reputation is important to us and we hope to stand out from our peers and competitors by demonstrating the following strengths:

  • Agile responsiveness and perpetual vigilance
  • Critical thinking, love of learning, and technical competence
  • Deep perspective and experience
  • Persistence and strong work ethic
  • Kind and calm honesty
  • Positive energy and enthusiasm
  • Patriotic leadership and volunteerism
  • Confident humility
  • Faithful hope

How We Do it:

Cognascents plans to realize and sustain its existence statement, corporate aspirations, and pledge of loyalty by adhering to the following core virtues:

  • Wisdom through an unquenchable thirst for knowledge
  • Courage in the face of adversity
  • Humanity without discrimination
  • Fairness reinforced by consistency
  • Self-Discipline to sustain integrity
  • Transcendence to dynamic standards of excellence
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