Cognascents empowers people and organizations achieve competitive sustainability through cost-effectively process engineering services, process safety services, and asset integrity & reliability solutions. Our distinctive blend of technical problem-solving skills and unwavering integrity sets us apart.

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Enhancing Asset Integrity

Experience a comprehensive range of Asset Integrity solutions that address intricate challenges. Prioritizing safety and optimal performance throughout your assets’ life cycles, we deliver cutting-edge solutions that pave the way for a more reliable future.


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Increasing Reliability

We take a holistic approach to help you improve reliability by empowering people, enhancing processes, and optimizing data, systems and equipment. We work collaboratively with you and tailor our services to your organizational needs to allow sustainable results.


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Industrial gas facility
Midstream oil and gas pipelines

Process Safety Services

As your dedicated process safety solutions provider, we offer comprehensive solutions across sectors. We meticulously identify vulnerabilities and implement safeguarding measures for lasting safety and operational excellence. Trust Cognascents for a safer, more prosperous future.


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Process Engineering Services

We specialize in optimizing industrial processes though systematic analysis and data-driven methodologies. Our tailored solutions, streamlined procedures, and advanced process simulation elevate your operations, driving greater efficiency and effectiveness.


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