1. We have navigated the COVID-19 pandemic without a reduction in workforce – in fact we have grown 15% since March 2020.

  1. We frequently travel and work offshore to support asset integrity projects – hurricanes and viruses may slow us down, but they do not stop us.
  1. We have an extremely competitive office fantasy football league.
  1. We keep bees at our office and have actively wrangled bees at client facilities (with their permission of course).

  1. We have a house band…and it is pretty good.
  1. We support the Process Safety Class at Rice University pro bono.
  1. We receive and review failed equipment components for clients – which means we get to ride forklifts every now and then.
  1. We built our own office-warehouse in 2015 and are near maximum capacity.
  1. Cognascents utilizes Insights Discovery Personality Profiles to better understand how to effectively communicate with our team. We encourage clients to share their communication styles with us so we know better how to communicate with them.
  1. We are an incredibly diverse company. Not only are we minority and female-owned, we have employees from around the globe – Honduras, Lebanon, Nigeria, Venezuela, and the Great State of Texas…which is a country unto itself!