On Friday, 05 February 2021, the Cognascents Consulting Group, Inc., welcomed aboard four new minority shareholders – Justin Daarud, Jeffrey Miller, Norberto Pineda, and Billy Wimberly.  The four new minority shareholders join Najib Melhem (minority interest), Colette Perez (founding shareholder), and John Perez (founding shareholder) in the Cognascents ownership structure.

In the face of a pandemic and economic volatility, these four gentlemen contributed to a resilient 2020 for the company and helped ensure robust positioning for 2021.  Justin Daarud heads up the company’s asset integrity business.  Jeffrey Miller has quickly become a strong PHA facilitator and process engineer.  Norberto Pineda oversees business development and marketing for Cognascents.  Billy Wimberly serves as a multi-disciplined engineer with experience across the inspection, process safety, and process engineering niches of the oil, gas, and chemical industries.

According to John Perez, “Some moves just make sense.  We have a lot of hard work ahead of us to enact our strategy and realize our vision, but I am encouraged by this team’s integrity, intelligence, and incessant focus on serving our clients, employees, and communities with excellence.”

Cognascents is a premier provider of asset integrity, process engineering, and process safety services to the oil, gas, and chemical industries.  For more information on each of the new owners, please visit their profile pages at https://cognascents.com/team/.