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Because technology is not all that matters.  IT’S HOW YOU USE IT.

Why the Partnership?

Technological advancements are allowing owners of asset-intensive organizations to improve their asset health predictability and promote faster workflow processes. At Cognascents, we’ve helped clients experience these benefits through integrating technological applications into their daily activities and helping with the management of asset integrity related activities. These engagements have ranged from leading technology implementations to managing daily use of the tool utilizing various leading software platforms.

This wealth of experience allows us to understand key functionalities that are critical to end-users based on their size, stakeholder requirements, and budgetary constraints. In our goal to offer relevant solutions to our clients and marketplace, we are creating strategic alliances with industry leaders that share a common vision of the future. After extensive vetting of Antea’s software platform, Cognascents and Antea signed an agreement for licensing, distribution, and delivering their technology as a systems integrator.

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What is Antea?

The Antea™ platform is comprised of a core asset management and visualization platform (i.e., Antea Core) with various asset integrity product applications that can be integrated to various 3rd party applications.

How Does Antea Work?

  • Migrate + integrate: Integrates directly with all major EAM platforms and allows for easy migration from other AIM/IDMS platforms
  • Core platform: Extensible with comprehensive IDMS apps and asset-specific RBI data for automated API 581 compliance
  • Digital twin: Bi-directionally links all asset information to P&IDs, 3D point cloud, CAD and remote sensor/IIoT data

How Is Antea Helping with Industrial Digital Transformation?

Antea automatically imports schematic diagrams and flows them into an asset directory tree and digital twin.  This allows you to bi-directionally link all inspections, reports, data, 3D point cloud, CAD, and remote sensor/IIoT data directly to their respective assets.  Quickly and easily find equipment and run quantitative RBI assessments and plans.  View all data in 3D context for deeper understanding.

Why Use Antea?

Antea is certified API 581 RBI asset intelligence platform endorsed by Bureau Veritas, SGS, TUV, and Apave.  This industry-leading solution has been field proven for over 30 years.  In that time, Antea has continuously evolved and expanded our offering to be the most comprehensive solution available.  With billions in chemical, petrochemical, power and utility facility assets managed around the world.  After 30 years of supporting facilities worldwide, Antea has never lost a customer.

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