Cognascents Consulting is pleased to promote its strategic alliance with MiraCAD Technologies, a powerful collaboration aimed at elevating client support in risk reduction, operational efficiency, and regulatory compliance.

This collaboration combines Cognascents’ extensive domain knowledge and established engineering workflows with MiraCAD’s leading-edge reality capture and asset visualization solutions. Together, we’ve optimized inspection and maintenance strategies, improved safety planning, and proactively managed asset integrity programs.

The result is a comprehensive solution that enhances operational safety, reliability, and integrity across the energy markets. By merging expertise in asset reliability and risk assessment with state-of-the-art technologies for as-built documentation and spatial representation, organizations can drive innovation, predict and prevent incidents through virtual analysis, optimize safety measures proactively, and confidently demonstrate compliance through accurate records.

Justin Daarud, Director of Asset Integrity and Reliability at Cognascents Consulting, expresses excitement about the collaboration, stating, ‘Our combined expertise has already revolutionized asset integrity, reliability, and process safety programs, minimizing the need for frequent field or facility visits and efficiently uncovering crucial data to address complex challenges. We’re proud of the significant milestones achieved, contributing to operational enhancements.’

Adolfo Allegro, P.Eng, Vice President at MiraCAD Technologies, adds, ‘MiraCAD is thrilled to align with Cognascents, a like-minded group of innovators. The value this alliance has already delivered is only the beginning of what we can achieve for Industrial Facility owners and operators across North America.’

About Cognascents: Cognascents stands as a beacon of integrity-driven engineering excellence. With a team comprising over 55 process and asset integrity engineers, we deliver tailored, customer-driven solutions. Proficient in process safety, reliability, asset integrity, and technical business strategies, we leverage data-driven insights to maximize availability, minimize risk, enhance compliance, optimize efficiency, and ensure cost-effectiveness.

About MiraCAD: MiraCAD uses Reality Capture to rapidly digitalize your Industrial Facility. This provides an extremely accurate and photo-realistic Digital Replica of your Facility. This Digital Replica is combined with existing systems, including legacy data. All this data is loaded into Cloud360, a web-hosted 3D Visualization Platform, that provides a secure, easy-to-access, and user-friendly interface to the Digital Facility.

For more information about our solution, please reach out to or 281-717-8590.