Cognascents’ relentless drive for integrity, balance, and transcendence is at the core of our ability to serve our clients and community. The Cognascents Newsletter acts as a looking glass into that core and allows our peers to see how we achieve these qualities in our daily work within the Process Engineering, Process Safety, and Environmental Communities.

In order to provide an authentic vantage point of our company, The Cognascents Newsletter utilizes a few different resources in order to share our knowledge and insight with our readers.

Re-Occurring Resources in the Cognascents Newsletter and What they Accomplish:

  • The Cognascents Integrity Blog demonstrates insight and provokes thought and debate with respect to Leadership and Integrity.
  • The Technical Toolkit shares new industry-related findings and their interpretations within the dynamic Process Engineering and Process Safety Worlds.
  • The Path Forward provides information on ways our reader can broaden their knowledge and expertise across the Upstream, Midstream, Downstream, and Chemical Industries.
  • The Process Safety Challenge serves as a reminder to our commitment to the Process Safety Community.
  • The Safety Moments re-focus ourselves and our readers to Process Safety by showing vulnerabilities we all face at work and in life.