Billy Wimberly

Project Manager/PHA Facilitator

I was born in Anchorage, Alaska to an Air Force family that values self-reliance and service. Growing up was a collection of Boy Scout projects and adventures in America’s wilderness. My work experience is best described as broad. I have multiple years of experience in detailed engineering, fabrication, and construction in Mechanical, Civil, Chemical, Welding, and Metallurgical disciplines.

In 2002, I graduated from Texas A & M University with a B.S. in Industrial Engineering. I began work with Jacobs Engineering as a field engineer, cost engineer, subcontract coordinator, constructability organizer, and safety coordinator. I worked through several large capital projects from initial field mobilization through turnover and startup. This was also my first introduction to PHAs, and I participated in project PHAs as a team member representing the construction team as early as 2003.

After 5 years at Jacobs, I moved to Celerity3 where I began working with John Perez. In 2007, I started facilitating PHAs, but my job duties ranged from sizing relief devices, developing AutoCAD drafting standards, safety management, safety program development, managing mechanical integrity projects, performing flare/effluent handling assessments, and managing PSM development projects. I worked with over 50 different facilities on various projects. Working for a small business was amazing because responsibility was always available if you were willing to dive in. While at Celerity3, I managed the corporate safety program. The program grew from the initial 17 employees to a 100-employee program under my management. After Celerity3 was acquired by Lloyd’s Register (LR), I supervised the integration of our safety program with Lloyd’s Register Americas safety program; combining both into a single, coherent program.

At Lloyd’s Register, I became a surveyor obtaining authorizations for welding/welder qualification, non-destructive examination certification, materials certification (pipe, plate, forgings, castings), as well as pressure vessel design examination. Working with LR gave me the opportunity to directly assess multiple codes including ASME, Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23/EC, Indian Boiler Regulations, ISO Marine survey, and numerous industry standards including ASME, API, ASNT, NFPA, ISO, IACS, ILO, IMCAM, AWS, ASTM, NACE, and BSI.

In 2013, I left Lloyd’s Register to rejoin John Perez at Cognascents. I wanted to return to an entrepreneurial environment with a small business mindset. As a project manager and facilitator at Cognascents, one of the aspects I enjoy most is bringing a diverse team together to produce a single cohesive product.

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